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Meet Justin

Justin Schreiber is a combat Veteran and constitutional activist running for Congress in Colorado's 4th District.

With family originating from Texas and Alabama, Justin was born at Camp Pendleton in California. At two years old, his family moved back to Houston, Texas where he was raised. Justin's roots to the military started with his Grandfather, his father, and later he joined the US Army in 2008.  After serving, he worked as an emergency response coordinator, a pipefitter and more recently, a real estate investor.  Justin is a father of three, a husband, and a disabled Veteran who desires to continue to serve his country and his oath to the constitution.  With all the issues we face as a country right now, Justin has decided that it does not feel right taking a paycheck because he sees a problem.  Corruption.  Money has been and continues to be the driving factor in politics.  However, Justin feels you can not put a price tag on American freedom.  This is the only way he knows how to serve his country, restore trust, and prove himself worthy of the job to the American people and the people of Colorado if elected.

  As a Veteran, Justin is running to downsize the government, stop reckless spending in Washington D.C., restore our constitutional republic, dismantle the FBI, ATF, IRS and any other unconstitutional programs/organizations/entities, get rid off all unconstitutional amendments that violate the rights of the American people including the Brady Bill, take away asset forfeiture, eliminate the Department of Education, implement armed security/metal detectors/other technologies that banks, courts and even concerts have to protect our children who are most important, close down the border, and restore constitutional carry nationwide among many other issues our Country faces today.

  Justin has been a leading advocate for freedom and liberty for all.  His only desire is to free the people from the tyranny we experience daily.  For without freedom, our nation will not prosper and will cease to exist.

Committee to Elect Justin Schreiber
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